de Sede

Leatherfurniture Manufactory Switzerland


We have dedicated ourselves entirely to manufacture – to work performed by hand. With the refinement and perfection of craftsmanship we have cultivated since the company’s founding, we can be certain that each item of furniture we produce meets our extremely strict and high quality standards.

Our specialists ensure that all the leather we process is of the best quality. Our leather-cutting operation is staffed by specialized experts with a trained eye that identifies any irregularities in the leather, planning production to ensure that they are not visible in the finished item of furniture. Our sophisticated upholstering technology with modern materials also requires a high degree of knowledge and experience; this, too, flows into every piece of furniture de Sede makes. Our upholsterers are masters of their craft. Rounding off our production are exact seams, some handcrafted, lending our furniture the status of unique items.

Craftsmanship of the highest degree, stringent quality requirements, maximum attention to detail and personal commitment by all employees have made de Sede famous and pave our way for the future.