Antonio Lupi

Altissima qualità del prodotto, cura del cliente e vasta gamma di collezioni offerte


Very high product quality, customer care and a wide range of collections offered are the key elements that, together with a deep passion for work, guide the Lupi family in their business decisions. The family motto is “feeding on innovation”. Staying still is a crime and it is the wrong way to run a company. We are constantly looking for ideas, ideas, contaminations. Our goal is not to follow the evolution of fashions and design trends, but to anticipate them.

Today Antonio Lupi is a reality with about 80 employees, present in 52 countries with single-brand showrooms or through distributors and closed 2013 with a turnover of 26 million euros (+ 7%) of which 30% made in Italy and 70% abroad. An international vocation that comes from afar, from the desire of Andrea, but before Antonio, to explore new worlds, to go far.

An expansion policy that also winks at large international projects. The contract sector is an important opportunity for the company, both for the breadth of the range and proposals, and for the ability to communicate with designers from the early stages of the project. Within large contract projects, Antonio Lupi can guarantee, in addition to the quality of the product, a service at the height in terms of order management, the level of product customization but also delivery times.