Bolzan Letti

Design contemporaneo o classico, unito al massimo comfort


Bolzan Letti was born in the nineties from an intuition of the Bolzan family.
While remaining faithful to an artisanal dimension, already in the 2000s the company assumed an industrial character, integrating the knowledge of the craftsmen with a more modern mechanization. The next step is due to Piercarlo and Elisabetta Bolzan who between 2000 and 2010 made their surname a recognized brand in Italy and abroad.
Responsible for the dynamic and lively strategies of the company, the Bolzan brothers share the creative and production line, stylistic specificities and aesthetic principles.
The key formula of Bolzan’s identity is Made in Italy.
In addition to the encounter between the sensitivity and emotion of the craftsmanship dimension with industrial precision, the key points are the continuous search for materials, impeccable details and an entire company ready to build the reality of a persuasive style.
Our mantra is “we never let a customer miss their goals” and it hasn’t changed in the 10 years of our market leadership.
Contemporaneity, reliability and quality place Bolzan Letti among the leaders in the sector and one of the main operators in the production and marketing of sophisticated and conscious upholstered beds and accessories.
The contemporary or classic design, combined with maximum comfort, has consolidated the position of the brand in an increasingly demanding, competitive, global market, but which in no case can give up the context. It is no coincidence that Bolzan Letti continues to represent the reference point for an evolved, heterogeneous and international public that feels at ease in every part of the world, but who would never give up the link with their origins, with their roots, with a way of living the home that reflects one’s individuality.