Vetro, Metallo, Legno - un gioco di forme e geometrie utilizzando materiali antichi in maniera innovativa e contemporanea


Brokis – the combination of the chosen design, the perfect quality and the extraordinary craftsmanship of the great Czech glassmakers. The Brokis company produces exclusive lamps produced by the extraordinary craftsmanship of the great glassmakers who refer to the centuries-old tradition of blown glass. Their original light collections are designed by Czech and foreign designers recognized around the world and have received a whole host of awards in their country and around the world.
A selected design and an extraordinary quality – these are the fundamental characteristics of the portfolio of the Brokis company.
Thanks to the combination of hand-blown glass and excellent materials, such as wood and hand-crafted metal, but also thanks to the courageous compositions that push the frontiers of contemporary art forward, Brokis lighting collections have achieved international recognition.
The company’s portfolio includes both functional modern lighting and decorative objects as well as unique lighting solutions for architects and interior designers. Thanks to its production capacities, which can draw on the tradition of over two hundred years of glass production, BROKIS allows space for experimentation and development of innovative materials, techniques and technologies.
The BROKIS company and its products are characterized by the highest quality of craftsmanship, large sizes of blown glass together with simple constructions and flexible customer service.