Bruno Zampa

Dietro ogni singola scelta si cela una visione globale, una capacità di pensare in maniera totale, assoluta


The Bruno Zampa style is unmistakable and emerges in every project, in every proposed furniture, in the selection of fabrics, in the lines and in the combination of materials and shades.
Behind every single choice there is a global vision, an ability to think in a total, absolute way.
This is how dreams of living in exclusivity can come true, referring to the majestic dictates of classicism, or looking at the currents of the future.
All processing steps take place within the company production plant. Each step is carried out by expert cabinetmakers and the single piece is subjected to strict controls before moving on to the next processing phase. The choice of essences and all the processes are carried out with care by expert hands with extreme technical precision. The application of gold leaf is carried out by specialists who treat the furniture as a real jewel.