Cava Divani

Pellami pieno fiore tinti in botte e la concia vegetale rendono i divani Cava preziosi ed unici


Cava was founded in 1960 as an artisan workshop by the initiative of Giuseppe Campani and Vittorio Vaghi. The enthusiasm and passion lavished in the pursuit of quality soon transformed the small upholstery into an established company. Year after year Cava has been able to renew itself, interpreting the needs of an increasingly elegant and refined clientele.
The 1990s marked an important turning point in the life of the company: the management passed to Dr. Andrea Campani, a dynamic and well-prepared management, which dedicates great energy, know-how and resources to the study of new projects. Atelier Cava is born, a real research laboratory where technicians and designers create new ideas and new shapes every day, unrepeatable models, avant-garde in design but always faithful to the classical tradition and to the craftsmanship of the construction quality.