Ceccotti Collezioni

Prodotti d’autore, unici nella loro originalità e nella complessità della loro realizzazione


The history of Ceccotti Collezioni has its origins from the foundation, in 1956, of Ceccotti Aviero. The company, born as a manufacturer of home furniture and later established itself in hotel supplies, has collaborated with the most prestigious international chains, such as Trusthouse Forte in London, Sheraton and Ciga, giving international scope to an activity born from the great artisan tradition di Cascina, a small Tuscan town located between Florence and Pisa. The training of the company’s skilled workers, in fact, arose from the artisan culture in the furniture and woodworking sector thanks to a prestigious Art School that forged designers and specialized carpenters.The company’s journey continues inspired by countless collaborations which determined its development and growth. In 1986, the well-known Italian architect, theorist of the “post modern” project, Paolo Portoghesi, will contribute to the design of some of the most prestigious and recognizable historical pieces of the production; but it was only in 1988 that contemporary design became a concrete productive topic with the birth of Ceccotti Collezioni. It was thanks to a courageous intuition by Franco Ceccotti and the Pisan designer Roberto Lazzeroni that the company’s craftsmanship was open to critical reflection within contemporary design research, starting with the first “Dedos Tenidos” collection. The experimentation of new shapes and materials is affected by influences deriving from the eclectic and surrealistic world of Gaudì, Mollino and Scandinavian design of the 50s, giving rise to objects with organic, anthropomorphic sinuosity, where curves of soft sensuality are connected with flickering profiles.
Ceccotti Collezioni is a unique company recognized all over the world in the field of interior design and this thanks to its ability to create designer products, unique in their originality and in the complexity of their creation; a design that without the ostentation of industrial geometries but also without aesthetic frivolities, aims to bring objects back to a tradition, a history. Ceccotti Collezioni has demonstrated the character and qualities of a company that has never renounced its intimate vocation for luxury craftsmanship, but has been able to translate it into new contemporary interpretations through products that, in the virtual age, deny representation and they demand a tactile, fully sensual relationship.