Capolavori senza tempo


Daytona has designed the luxury living collections of the Signorini-Coco group since 2012. Artistic direction Marzia Dainelli, Leonardo Dainelli. Signorini-Coco has been producing art furniture since 1968, following the great cabinet-making tradition of the founders.
Production care has distinguished the company right from the start, making tailoring craftsmanship its signature in the world. Having become an international excellence in the classic furnishing sector, thanks to new challenges and thanks to the energy of the third generation of the family, the company creates Daytona, a reference brand for contemporary luxury. it soon attracted special attention, forcefully entering the world of luxury and making Signorini-Coco a reference group for prestige and completeness of offer.
All Daytona creations are studied, designed and made entirely in Italy, inextricably linked with the Tuscan territory where they see the light. The skilled hands of the craftsmen give our pieces all the nobility of classical art, made fiercely cosmopolitan by the bold features of the Daytona team designers. Classic Italian woods, neutral colors, austere look and a sophisticated Nordic-inspired design sign a decidedly high tone total living that gives experience to any space. The Daytona quality is signed by the certificate of authenticity accompanying each creation, guaranteeing the origin of the materials, the ecological nature of the paints and dyes and the authenticity of the manual processes.