Libertà di ispirazione, eleganza, forza espressiva, gusto per la sperimentazione, amore per le qualità preziose e per le gamme di colore ampie sono l’essenza della creazione di Dedar


Dedar is the acronym for furniture design.
Dedar was founded in 1976 by Nicola Fabrizio, manager of Italian furniture design industries, and by his wife Elda, passionate about fabrics and carpets, and it is still a family passion today: Nicola and Elda, the founders, Caterina and Raffaele , the second generation that plans the future.
Dedar is based near Como, in the heart of a district specialized for centuries in the production of precious fabrics, especially silks. This means the possibility of experimenting, innovating, perfecting, in constant dialogue with those craftsmen and textile specialists, who know best the techniques for producing excellent fabrics.
The Dedar collection consists of over 300 items and 3000 color variations. 500,000 meters of fabrics in stock mean that 98% of orders are immediately available for delivery.
Freedom of inspiration, elegance, expressive strength, a taste for experimentation, love for precious qualities and wide color ranges are the essence of Dedar’s creation. Creation takes from a minimum of one year to sometimes three years; it is a process that develops over time, allowing for experimentation and errors, so that the product can become a classic for the future.