Un fascino sobrio, sofisticato e senza tempo


The Devon & Devon brand was born in 1989 in Florence from an entrepreneurial idea by Gianni and Paola Tanini. The pair of architects have led the company of the same name since its inception, Gianni as CEO and Paola as Art Director, and share its managerial and creative vision: to create a complete and coordinated bathroom inspired by the atmospheres of European tradition and at the most refined American design from the first half of the twentieth century. Together they contributed to the growth and international recognition of the brand. Today Devon & Devon exports to over eighty countries with a network of qualified retailers and flagship stores located in some of the most prestigious capitals in the world.
In the rigorous geometries and sobriety of the forms of the Devon & Devon collections, it is not difficult to see Florence, as an expression of beauty and a centuries-old tradition of good taste. The company’s bond with the Tuscan city is strong, intrinsic. It is in Florence that the ideas of Gianni and Paola Tanini take shape, it is here that inspirations, sketches, travel and life notes are translated into unique creations destined to furnish the most beautiful homes in the world.
Devon & Devon originally recovers and makes its aesthetic traditions of the past, reinterpreting them according to its own, unique and unmistakable style.
It is the Contemporary Classic, an elegant eclectic synthesis of Art Déco, Belle Epoque, Victorian Age and Florentine Renaissance, but also of Dolce Vita, Jazz Age and exquisitely Hollywood atmospheres.
This is how the Devon & Devon bathroom is designed, with a sober, sophisticated and timeless charm.