Driade is an aesthetic laboratory in the continuous search for beauty in living. The vast Driade catalog includes furniture for the home, garden and public spaces. They are objects of art and everyday use, souls that blend harmoniously. This constitutes the uniqueness of the Driade proposal in the world of design. The aesthetic laboratory was born from the desire to introduce experimentation in the serialization of the industrial product. The search for creativity in each product constitutes the very meaning of the company. Driade thus gives life to products with unique attributes: eclectic, extravagant but at the same time elegant, timeless and above all joyful. In this alchemy of languages and sensations everyone finds a Dryad that resembles him. The art of living is based on the concept that eclecticism, the mélange of cultures, curiosity and surprise represent the true essence of our age. a predisposition to listening, a state of alert, an attention to recording the signs coming from the outside and then translating them into daily creations. This becoming permeable to differences makes the Driade project a highly topical proposal open to the future. He denies the flattening of globalization, but understands its vitality and freshness deriving from the multiplication of places where ideas develop.