We consider wood not as a simple raw material but as a material to express a lifestyle in harmony with the environment in which we live.
In building our products, we have always tried to highlight the difference between apparent quality, which everyone talks about, and the real quality that inspires all of our production and that over time knows how to express the difference.
Consistent with this philosophy, every single element is carefully evaluated from an aesthetic and functional point of view, duration, safety and its environmental impact.
In fact, since 1879, Emmemobili has been producing pieces that are unique; in the continuous evolutionary research it has come to perfect various processes, particularly that of curved plywood.
Always creating furniture of refined quality, both for constructive tradition and topical design, is certainly an ambitious goal but it is our daily commitment and goal: objects that improve the life of those who buy them, giving character and harmony to the environments and pleasure to who lives there.