Nata dalla passione ed il culto per il cuoio, Frag ha un secolo di tradizione familiare ricca di esperienza e capacità professionale


Frag is the leather seating specialist. Carefully selected natural leathers, available in a wide range of finishes and colors, are processed according to the most modern production techniques and finished by hand with the competence, passion and care of a tradition that make each product a unique and perfect example. weather.
Thanks to his technical specialization, he transforms the traditional material of leather into a current and rational product, taking inspiration from other fields such as fashion or luggage. The leather thus takes on a double aesthetic and functional / structural value.
Frag’s cultural and technical background is enhanced by the creativity of designers invited by the company to expand its collection. Strong innovation in the use of materials, quality, clean shapes and attention to detail unite the products, showing the appropriateness of leather in responding to the design needs of designers.