Galimberti Nino

Design e creatività Made in Italy


The Galimberti family boasts more than a century of tradition in the furniture sector, in fact the first shop was born in Brianza towards the end of the 1800s. The current company was founded in the sixties, from an intuition of Galimberti Nino. The artisan dimension of the origins changes quickly and starting from the eighties the company assumes industrial character and dimensions.
The next step is due to the sons, Carlo, Luciano and Roberta Galimberti, who from the nineties began a process of expansion and affirmed the brand in Italy and abroad. Responsible for the company’s strategies, the Galimberti brothers share the creative line and aesthetic principles of the products with various architects and designers.
The key formula of Galimberti Nino’s identity is the full expression of the concept of Made in Italy, which today blends tradition and technology in an indissoluble way: the knowledge of the artisans refines a product born from the most modern mechanization, while the intelligence of the hands offers sensitivity and emotion to industrial precision. Recognizable features of the style and of the entire Galimberti Nino production are the timeless design, reliability and durability.
The products made by Galimberti Nino fully return the concept of Made and Manufactured in Italy. Design, creativity, style; each production process is cared for and carried out by highly qualified personnel with great expertise in the furniture manufacturing sector.