Illuminazione e Lampade di Design Made in Italy


Since 1975 Italamp has built its own recognition and notoriety in the decorative lighting sector, distinguishing itself for the quality of materials and shapes, always seeking the utmost in elegance and preciousness thanks to the use of fine and finely crafted materials.
Tradition is the preparation of the future and the future is underway with an ever greater capacity to propose new forms, to the point of creating a wealth of proposals with a unique personality. Italamp’s stylistic repertoire brings with it a strong characterization of the glass material, starting with the most classic configurations of its tradition, with a constant use of crystal, up to recent times that introduce new glass types.
Today, the maturity and the great knowledge of glass, in all its production and application typologies, strengthen the company in the will of affirmation also in the contemporary design sector, knowing how to use the most correct method to realize the aesthetic and functional choices of the designers.