LAS Mobili

Attenzione alla qualità, al confort ed al rispetto dell'ambiente con un design personalizzato per ogni tipo di ufficio e spazio di lavoro


Animated by a strong sense of modernity and with a distinctly international corporate vision, Giulio Pedicone has created over time one of the most important Italian industrial realities in the office furniture sector, 5 work units, with a total area of 121,000 square meters, of which 63,000 covers, 250 employees, 5,000 packages a day – one every 6 seconds and its own brand is present in 76 countries around the world.
The aptitude for teamwork is the competitive advantage that allows Las Mobili to meet the demands of its customers and to overcome the offer of an increasingly qualified competition. The absence of hierarchical barriers, the sharing of information and the assumption of responsibility of the people who feel an integral part of the company, allow you to react quickly to market pressures and to innovate the quality of products and services offered. Because the complete satisfaction of commercial partners is the goal that every day measures the intelligence, creativity and spirit of Las Mobili.
Las Mobili has acquired the prestigious certificate of excellence which encompasses all those specifications relating to quality, the environment and safety. Las Mobili production contributes to the protection of the environment and to the LEED certification of the project through the use of recycled materials, the recyclability of the product, and low VOC emissions.