Thinking, Loving, Living


Pianca creates systems and furnishing accessories for the residential – night and day area – and for the contract sector. Our approach to design is oriented to the customization of products and environments, so as to satisfy the needs of a lifestyle based on flexibility, mobility and change, but with the desire to “feel at ease at home”. Respect for the history and the identity values of the brand – territory, Italian style, family, ingenuity – and the pursuit of a real sustainability of products and processes, allow us to enhance the human side of the company: capable of marrying its rational part ( thinking) with the more emotional and empathic one (loving).
We think that the concept of space is becoming more and more fluid. Homes are transformed into offices and offices are rearranged to be as welcoming as homes. The need to maintain contact with nature confuses the separation between inside and outside. And inside, the rooms become multifunctional and the furnishings modular and flexible, to reconcile with smaller homes and different generations under the same roof.
We love design capable of accompanying the change of the world and of those who live there. That knows how to make us feel at ease in any place – be it the hotel room of our holidays as well as the airport where we stop for work. We want it sustainable because it is respectful: of its history, of the land it comes from and also of the one it will leave, knowing how to adapt to needs already projected into the future and to thousands of stories, people, different lives.
Life is increasingly mobile and with an unpredictable path. Everything seems to change, incessantly, but one thing remains: the home as an emotional port, as a place for the soul. Wherever we are in the world, we want to feel at home.