Provasi is the expression of elegance in the furniture and it’s greatly pursued thanks to the strenuous researches of Technical and Style Offices of the company, providing high quality materials, from wood to fabrics, to finishes.
Provasi is the history of a family led by passion for the Made in Italy artisan production.
It is 1970 in Brianza, the perfect nucleus of handmade production, when the brothers Enrico, Paolo, Giovanni e Roberto express the Italian identity in a manufacturing that traces the ‘700 and ‘800 English and French classic furniture, becoming the keepers of high quality cabinetry inherited by their father. It is this peculiarity, artisanship, which gives uniqueness to each product and ambiance.
Exclusivity is the result of this production, where each piece is shaped different from the other and holds its own features due to a traditional manufacturing and not an industrial one.