Vittoria Frigerio

L'arredo come abito su misura per vestire l'intera casa


Vittoria Frigerio’s are not just furniture collections, but a real philosophy of living that translates into a lifestyle, the pleasure of surrounding ourselves with an environment that reflects us with class and elegance. Precisely here lies the peculiarity of the concept that underlies all Vittoria Frigerio furnishings and accessories: to create environments that have a character, complete in every part, so as to allow everyone to create their own room, or even an entire home, combining the different elements, colors, shapes and materials in complete freedom, at the same time being able to obtain a harmonious, lively and original result, which reflects the character of those who live there, with an elegance that is never predictable. Vittoria Frigerio was born from an idea, or perhaps a bit from a dream: that of designing entire homes, creating small or large worlds in which the harmony of the most striking general choices is reflected also and above all in tailoring details that they constitute the real fil rouge that connects the different furnishing elements together.
In a context made of sober and natural colors and high-end materials, what makes Vittoria Frigerio’s furnishing philosophy truly unique is undoubtedly the refined skill of the combinations, accompanied by the desire to create an exclusive and immediately recognizable style. that goes right through the details. Here then are the precious hinges that adorn the upholstered furniture, capitonné workings that run after each other on the various accessories, embroidery, even in contrasting shades, solutions that take their cue from the world of bespoke tailoring, with a playful yet always elegant and refined tone.

Precisely the one with tailoring, with the world of made-to-measure suits, is basically the parallel that best expresses the concept behind the Vittoria Frigerio collections: the desire to dress the entire house just like an atelier suit, without neglecting any detail, from the most important furnishings to the smallest of accessories to the boiserie, and creating a harmonious, refined and truly tailor-made whole And.