Zucchetti Kos Rubinetterie

Il benessere come valore primario


Zucchetti products Kos are born to live and qualify the architecture in which they are called to integrate; the goal is to integrate the world of well-being into the daily routine of domestic life, to always respond to the deepest needs of society. This means shapes to be caressed, colors to be savored… a global sensory experience.
A private place par excellence, where everyone finally has the opportunity to symbolically close the door and dedicate themselves to themselves, the bathroom that is now the Zucchetti group. Kos proposes is an absolutely design-oriented, quality environment, a small private limbo, a place of decompression, in which even the shapes, elegant and simple, have a purifying function.
Zucchetti Kos has always created trends, generating changes in lifestyles with their products: new images and new worlds for living.