Leggerezza, comfort, calda ed essenziale personalità


A dynamic company, constantly attentive to technological evolution and research in the field of design and architecture, with collections that touch all areas of living, recognizable, homogeneous in style and heterogeneous in the type of offer. The Alivar environment has a precise taste, it is a work in progress, not linked to the single product, but to the overall proposal. We have worked with different materials, trying to enhance their intrinsic characteristics, and meticulously cared for every detail. The pieces, although contemporary, are never linked to fashions, but to a specific way of interpreting the environment.

Two collections, Home Project and Brilliant Lifestyle, for contemporary living, which does not forget the past while looking to the future. Home Project: Author excellence, discreet and timeless elegance for the Home Project collection designed by architect Giuseppe Bavuso. Design furniture with a unique personality, with an international appeal and 100% Italian quality.

Brilliant Lifestyle: Lightness, comfort, warm and essential personality for the furnishings of the Brilliant collection that furnish the spaces, creating intimate, refined and welcoming atmospheres.Our thoughts are addressed to a clientele who loves luxury, but without ostentation, and who buys the Italian product because it understands its value and what it represents. Alivar has been offering its own overall vision for years and therefore the customer, the retailer and the designers approach the company because they are attracted by the overall style that it proposes, the Italian Contemporary Living, and not for the purchase of the single piece.