il culto del design e della materia


For Arketipo Firenze, Design is life, stylistic transgression and the desire to express one’s values through forms and materials that are never banal.
“We have curiosity in our DNA – affirms Lorenzo Cattelan, creative soul and great lover of beauty – and this pushes us to always search for new communication formulas, new materials to work with, new technologies. Only in this way can we guarantee the customer a sofa with an authentic and quality design”.
Design is today the starting point for any project for the Florentine company. An essential value that makes each product as precious as a form of art. The Italian character of aesthetic choices is continuity, a distinctive sign and the desire to affirm one’s own cultural roots.
The material dresses the design with style. The mastery lies in the selection of the best, the new and the useful. Often we draw from parallel worlds and work, as in historical ateliers, to make a classic, innovative fabric and vice versa.