Asnaghi Interior

Asnaghi Interiors è da sempre garanzia di qualità nel campo dell’arredamento.


Started at the turn of the 20th Century, Asnaghi Interiors produces high-quality classical and trendy furniture blending tradizional wood-work with the innovations of modern design.
Through relentless work and passionate research, Asnaghi seeks to infuse its products with a touch of graceful elegance and delicate refinement.
With the dawn of the 3 rd millenium,Asnaghi Interiors offers the even-lasting appeal of olden styles with mastery and elegance, so as to meet the requirements of its highly-demanding customers.
Perfect proportions and thorough finishes characterize the Asnaghi furniture and give them an inimitable style: furniture unique as well as valuable, the pride of countless generations of craftsmen and a demonstration of their age-long experience in cabinet-making and hand-carving, in painting by hand and skillful lacquering.
Solid poplar woods, briar wood worked by skillful hands, united to the fabrics silk fabric, velvet of the most famous weavers create furniture that become real “ works of art”, in order to create, everywhere, eclusive atmosphere.
The mere prestige of its exclusive collections falls short of defining Asnaghi Interiors image. The creation of elegance and the unremitting quest for optimal result is an inherent trait of the enterprise.

Furthermore,its unbounded versatility in providing customized furniture and covering the whole gamut of designs lies at the core of its identity.
From boiserie to furniture, extending to the particularity of each and every item, computer-aided technologies have enhanced the creativity of our planning with a view to providing satisfactory answers on a global scale.

Asnaghi Interiors has carried the fascination and the prestige of the made in Italy into the most prestigiuos premises such as Villas, Hotels, Governments, Parliaments.