Design+Passione+Tecnica = 100% Bonaldo


80 years all Italians.
Bonaldo products are created in Italy.
Conceived by the best designers, they are then made by our team of experts.
A production process that has been perfected over time, keeping intact the usual values: creativity, quality, innovation.
An authentic Made in Italy. For real.
Over eighty years of passion for design
Transforming ideas into projects and creating objects capable of best interpreting the needs of the contemporary world, arousing emotions at first sight.
The Bonaldo collection expresses a modernity in continuous evolution, a path that attributes value to the experimentation of new materials and to the collaboration with the major national and international designers.
Over eighty years of history, to create objects that become individual memory. Communicate in style.
Color and dynamism for the materials. Attention and care in every little detail. Bonaldo’s is a wide world, where excellence goes hand in hand with creativity.
It is with this spirit that the company decides to show itself to the general public, thanks to creative advertisements that communicate the identity of the brand and the quality of its products well.
Knowing how to tell yourself, this is also an art.