Christopher Guy

Il mio obiettivo è quello di progettare una sedia che sia semplice, sofisticata e sufficientemente flessibile per lavorare con una varietà di stili


Christopher Guy Harrison was born in Great Britain and grew up in Spain and France. This international background blends design influences from around the world.
In 1993, Christopher formed Harrison & Gil. The company then expanded its production, offering a full collection of luxury furniture in 2005, relaunched by the Christopher Guy brand. In 1999, Christopher designs and builds a complex one million square foot workshop in Java to house the 1400 carvers, sculptors and finishing specialists to bring his designs and interpretations of him to life.
Today, Christopher resides in London, where he is headquartered and travels around the world, particularly between Java and Los Angeles. Christopher Guy furniture designs reflect a contemporary mood with classic values. His Chris-X leg design is patented throughout the USA, China and Europe.This signature design is seen throughout his collections and was inspired by Rossella O’Hara’s waist-line corset in Gone with the Wind and Crossed Legs of a dancer. “My goal was to design a chair that was simple, sophisticated and flexible enough to work with a variety of style categories,” said Christopher.