Dom Edizioni

Un punto fermo: il 100% made in Italy, cioè l'oggetto pensato e fatto in Italia, da mani italiane, abituate a ragionare secondo uno standard molto elevato


Italy, the craftsman of the world
DOM Edizioni, founded in 2006, produces furnishings for homes, yachts and luxury hotels expressing mainly three things: Domenico Mula’s creative impulse combined with the scrupulous study of the object, also starting from the historical matrices of world design, with archive research that bring lymph into the creative and productive process. The enhancement of the intelligence and knowledge of the artisans with whom he works, controlling every stage of processing. A fixed point: 100% made in Italy, that is, the object designed and made in Italy, by Italian hands, used to reasoning according to a very high standard.
The materials, between discoveries and rediscoveries But there is a third principle that animates Domenico Mula designer and entrepreneur, and which for him is also a basic rule: to be passionate about the materials to be processed. Always discovering new ones is a perennial challenge for creators. Twelve years ago, overcoming the resistance of many, he introduced black stained wood to the market, which has now become part of the interior design lexicon. In 2006 his instinct led him to propose furniture in Chinese glossy lacquer (an antique but modern glossy material). And today he focuses on Makassar ebony, shiny brass and velvet, a very popular fabric in the 1940s, for sofas. “Being passionate about a material means discovering all its intrinsic potential: I recently created a piece of furniture with the design of a rhombus in the center, making full use of the wood grain, Makassar ebony”. This is the Michel wardrobe, the best-selling piece of furniture by DOM Edizioni. Foreseeing trends, fashions, tastes, Domenico Mula is equipped with this sensitive radar: 25 years ago he designed kitchens with “islands” when it was not yet in fashion. And 12 years ago, for his house, he had a sink carved into the stone made by going to the Carrara quarries in search of the right piece: a block of trachyte weighing 440 kilos. Today that the stone sink is a status symbol with a peasant flavor, once again Domenico Mula had proposed it again in advance.
This emotionality in the choice of materials is the winning push for his furniture design: more than buying a piece of furniture from him, you go to find a style, that of DOM Edizioni. Its customers SHOPS in the sector, architects and interior designers – all move in the direction of research. “In order not to run the risk of making photocopy houses, but instead think of the house as an organism that must grow together with the people who then live it” says Domenico Mula. “Together with these professionals I undertake an exciting journey that never consists solely in the commissioning or supply of furniture, but mainly in a relational exchange of views, of professional experiences of mutual stimulation”.