Il cristallo, l’alluminio, l’acciaio, sono i principali materiali che caratterizzano la produzione Gallotti&Radice


Gallotti & Radice is characterized by a detailed production, which requires continuous research and a great knowledge and mastery of the various processes. It is not a question of work carried out by any workers. They are artisans of the highest level, who know the material. They know the crystal. Masters and disciples who guard the secrets of craftsmanship. A tradition that has been handed down for generations.
Gallotti & Radice was the first company in Italy, since the early sixties, to promote the love for the study and for the use of crystal in furniture. Other men and other companies later followed suit. Of course, this figure is today a source of pride, but also a sort of concrete responsibility towards culture and, in particular, design. Gallotti & Radice feels, and is, today, invested with the task and role of continuing, of keeping alive the development of the “true” design of crystal. The crystal, which is both very fragile and very strong, transparent and immutable, light and eternal, must be approached, by those who design its architecture, with sincere respect and with intimate transport, with authentic poetry (which is true creativity, as confirmed by the its Greek etymology) and with intense discipline, with patience, reverence, tenacity. With love.
Gallotti & Radice, in its long experience in crystal processing, adopts different techniques and technologies in the production of the semi-finished products that make up the finished products. Two different production lines, one highly industrialized and another artisanal linked to traditions, characterize the processing cycles of Gallotti & Radice: on the one hand, a production carried out with high technologies and sophisticated automatisms (water jet cuts, industrial grinding carried out in line, tempering of the slabs, washing and mirroring) allows the creation of modular and multiple components, planes with square and simple shapes for serial and standardized products. Otherwise, to offer a tailoring service, with refined shapes, with exclusive solutions, the tradition of a product with an artisanal flavor is always kept alive, through the experience gained over the years, where expert hands work the crystal with care and wisdom. transforming it into a design product