Roberto Giovannini

Il lusso che nasce dall’incontro tra la tradizione, il lavoro e le idee


Roberto Giovannini discovers his great passion for woodworking in the artisan district of San Frediano in Florence: technique, dexterity and experience that begin to take shape in the prestigious Bartolozzi and Maioli Art Workshop.
In 1958 he opened his own workshop which in a short time became a reference both for customers and for those who want to learn the art. Thus was born the school to train young carvers to advance new ideas and preserve the ancient tradition of carving.
Over the years the laboratory has become a great company appreciated for creativity, flair and above all quality, becoming a reference in Italy as well as in the world.
Luxury, for Roberto Giovannini, is that value that arises from the encounter between tradition, work and ideas. The dexterity of the blacksmiths, upholsterers and decorators coexists with the art of the carvers in an environment where wood is the heart of each product.
The Roberto Giovannini brand is the emblem of the culture born thanks to the passing of time; a knowledge that today is also great in the eyes of those who live outside the Italian borders.
The secrets of infinite passion are as simple as they are fundamental: every single product is made internally and quality, attention to detail and the search for details must be primary sources of inspiration.