Versace Home

Un'ampia gamma di arredi e complementi per la casa, capaci di interpretare i motivi iconici della maison, riproponendoli in chiave glamour e contemporanea


Gianni Versace’s creative universe has always had very broad boundaries. not only fashion but also design and art de vivre came to life from his great passion for art, declined in all its forms: theater, dance, painting and sculpture.
The home collection was therefore born in a completely natural way in 1992, at the beginning with the production of fabrics for the home, and then with the production of the first porcelain lines born from the collaboration with Rosenthal, the leading company in the sector: Medusa, Meandre , Marco Polo, Barocco, Les Tresors del la Mer, the Jardin de Versace, are just some of the art de la table services whose decorative themes have become a classic today. Since 1994, the Home Collection has been enriched with a wide range of furnishings and accessories for the home, capable of interpreting the iconic motifs of the maison, re-proposing them in a glamorous and contemporary way.
Today the Versace Home universe is completed with the new line of wallpaper, in pure versace lifestyle style, created thanks to the collaboration with the German leader as creation.