La luce crea, modella e dà vita. Attraverso la luce avvertiamo il paesaggio, l’architettura e gli spazi in cui abitiamo


VIBIA is located in Barcelona, fertile ground for the culture of design and knowledge cluster, where we have brought together the skills of our industrial and service suppliers and where we have been able to create a magnificent team of collaborators.
Starting from local knowledge we have developed a global business. We are present in 80 countries and have a branch in New Jersey (USA). The Vibia community is growing steadily and currently over 100,000 professionals work on their lighting projects through
Light creates, shapes and gives life. Through the light we perceive the landscape, the architecture and the spaces in which we live, and we stimulate our senses and our perceptions.
Each of us has our own identity, a unique gaze and a subjective way of perceiving reality.
VIBIA’s vocation is to develop solutions suited to the needs of people in different contexts. Our mission is to perfect the interaction that people have with their environment and their visual and emotional well-being.
In the process of designing a space, lighting becomes a transversal element to its architecture, interior furnishings and use. With our lamps we want to help create the ideal atmosphere, so that living every space is a complete and unique experience.
We offer a unique range of products and solutions, stimulating for lighting and space creation professionals. The experience continues on, a space that allows us to be constantly connected to generate and share inspiration, obtain information easily and efficiently, and always be in touch.
Our online tools integrate products and spaces, facilitate work and constitute a system capable of helping us to use light and lamps as a modelable magnitude in space, in order to adapt to the needs and purposes of the project.
And, of course, people are a priority, always with the commitment of a close personal relationship through our local teams and providing the necessary assistance throughout the entire project. We offer a genuine, courteous and efficient way of working.