Dedon outdoor

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25 years is not a long time for most companies.
In ours, however, it has practically always been. This is because, in a nutshell, there was no outdoor fabric furniture industry before DEDON came along. The first company to weave synthetic fiber in luxury outdoor projects, the first to include an absolute premium on quality, the first to become a truly global brand setting the standard for outdoor fabric furniture since its foundation in 1990.
The story begins with a pioneering idea and an inspired vision. The idea – to create woven furniture using a sophisticated synthetic fiber, resistant to atmospheric agents and aesthetically refined – revolutionized the outdoor market. The vision – of outdoor living rooms furnished with the same attention to luxurious appearance and comfort as those inside the home – has changed the way we live outdoors, allowing people around the world to enjoy more moments precious of life together under the open sky.
Today, we are represented in more than 80 countries on six continents and the number continues to grow. With an extensive network of importers and distributors around the world DEDON is well positioned to provide the best products and services to customers around the world, including contractual partners who undertake high-end projects in the most remote of places.