Savio Firmino

Savio Firmino è tradizione ed innovazione nell’arredare. La bellezza delle lavorazioni artigianali unita alla perfezione delle tecnologie più moderne rende i mobili Savio Firmino unici nello stile, per soluzioni d’arredo personalizzate in ogni ambiente.


Savio Firmino was born in Florence in 1941, as a small artisan shop in the Santo Spirito district, the hub of artistic craftsmanship since the Renaissance. In a few years the company became a point of reference in Italy in the processing of carved and gilded wood. Since 1951, Savio Firmino’s works began to spread on foreign markets and today the brand is present in over 50 countries, appreciated and recognized for the design of its classic-style luxury furniture and Made in Italy furnishing accessories.
Savio Firmino has always been linked to excellence and tradition, spokesperson for the style and quality of Italian furniture. Engaged in a process of continuous renewal, it has an unmistakable style that is the result of artisan knowledge and the high quality of the design of handwork, with constant attention to detail and research and development in its creative force. Today as yesterday, Savio Firmino is inspired by the values of the classical tradition, combining innovative techniques and cutting-edge machinery, in a perfect combination of creativity, quality and professionalism.
The strong references to the creativity of the Renaissance, as well as the Florentine and humanistic origins, are the basis of Savio Firmino design. The protagonist is nature and the search for a harmonious balance of forms. Classic furniture is no longer a copy of the past, but reinterprets tradition in new dimensions, shades, materials, adapting to contemporary living needs, to meet the highest expectations of comfort and design.
Savio Firmino supports the creation of furniture and furnishing accessories with new interior design services, for unique and original solutions. The design is intended for architects, design studios, custom-made projects, but also for individual pieces of furniture, which can be modified on request to meet the customer’s most specific needs.